Mechanical Design Service

  • Mechanical design of static equipments as per standard Codes ASME, TEAM using PVELITE software.
  • Detailed fabrication GA preparation for Heat exchanger, Vessels, API Tanks.
  • Mechanical design of storage tank as per API code.
  • Redevelopment work of Industrial machinery plant using various 3D tool
Mechanical Design Service

Plant & Piping Design Service

  • Plot plan
  • Build of Equipment layout
  • Piping GA preparation
  • Isometric Drawing preparation of pipes
  • Stress analysis of piping. using CAESAR 11 Software
  • As built drawing
  • Plant 3D Scanning
  • Skids Design
  • Revised set of drawings are Submitted for civil structure
  • Existing piping Equipment layout as per site condition Using Plant Solutions for error free drawing and output such as Bill of Materials isometric drawings, clash detection.
  • 3d model can also be updated as per new changes for Addition and deletion of equipment and piping or mechanical machinery.
Plant & Piping Design Service

Civil & Structure Service

  • Industrial Building Design (Steel / Structure )
  • Pipe Racks Design & Detailing
  • Steel/Concrete Detailing
  • 2D Drafting & 3D Modelling
  • MTO Calculation
  • Technological Structures
  • Scaffold Design
  • Foundations for Static & Rrotating equipment’s
  • Dynamic analysis for Machine foundation
Civil & Structure Service

Reverse and Drafting engineering Service

  • Redevelopment work of Industrial machinery plant using 2D & 3D tools as require.
  • Equipment GA development with its thickness testing in AutoCAD.
  • Development of CAD drawing based on data from laser scanning of prototypes.
  • Walk through video preparation of plant.
Reverse and Drafting engineering Service

Manpower Outsourcing

  • With increasing demand of skilled manpower by international conglomerates and domestic industry Of large and medium scale we are highly dedicated to provide skilled manpower to screening & short listing process
  • We assist our client for both short term and long term Project
  • Aditya designs centre the need of manpower at different level of hierarchy
    • CAD Designers (Multi tasking / Various tools)
    • Engineers
    • Expediter
    • Procurement
    • Maintenance
Manpower Outsourcing

3D scan/3D printing and CMM inspection

  • We at ADC use 3D scanning technologies to make these kinds of measurements. With three-dimensional scanners, it gains accurate readings of the product’s specs and have this information automatically logged in their databases. 3D scanning technologies include coordinate measuring machines (CMM), scanners, laser scanners are used.
  • After all the pertinent information has been gathered and recorded, this data to create computer-aided design (CAD) drawings for subsequent analysis and development. CAD drawings are digital two-dimensional and three-dimensional representations of the products, which can be used to analyze the product’s design. These digital models help to unveil design intent and inform the creation of a reverse-engineered component.
3D scan/3D printing and CMM inspection