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  Our Products

 Cooling Towers
Light Weight, High strength Excellent weatherability, Minimal maintenance and easy to manufacture integrated one-piece structure.

 Chemical Storage Tank
Eminently suitable for the underground storage of petroleum, Life well in excess of steel, Freedom of corrosion not only from the ground condition but any build-up of water from the petrol.

 Dental Medical Chair Fibre Glass Parts

Light weight fibre glass body long chair.

  • Body back & chair Head rest.
  • Spithon Box & Pots.
  • Instrument Panel.
  • Control Boxes.
  • Top & Bottom leg cover, Bellow, Dome cover etc.

 Fibre Glass Sheets, Domes & Piramid
  • Translucent, Light Weight in various thickness & Size.
  • Easy to handle, Install, Natural & Colour decorative print.
  • Factories, Industrial Shed, Poultry Farms House, Hotel, Residential House, Car Parking Shed.

 Roof Extractor
  • Easy to install and can be fitted to any type of roofing.
  • Can be configured to meet required Fresh Air Changes.
  • Runs on Wind Power.
  • Weather and strom proof.
  • Economical & Ecological.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Constructively it is Strong, Light Weight, Slight breeze enough rotate the ventilator.

 Jeep Bodies
Light Weight, Minimal Maintenance, Bumpers, Dash boards, Door Panels, Seal shells, Exterior body panels, Nil maintenance.

 AMC Job
  • Repair of leakage in GRP pipes and tanks
    6. We can also give our best services as AMC contract in GRP/FRP field.
  • Lowering , laying and jointing of GRP pipes.


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