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Preparation of concept design with various alternatives. Modification of the concept proposal as per mutual consultation if required. Presentation of the proposal to committee and discussion thereon.

Produce output of the highest quality, which can go direct to manufacturing and does not need another level of check.

CAD models are built such that they can form the basis for further manufacturing, whether it is plastics or aluminum or moulds or any other parts. To readily use the 3D models and the related data for manufacturing, 3D models are to be built considering the process of manufacture and the suitability of these designs for the selected process. This needs a comprehensive knowledge about different manufacturing processes and their related demands on the configuration of the product.

With long years of experience in the field of manufacturing and expertise gained in the production of many varieties of products Aditya design can build 3D models, which can directly qualify for the intended manufacturing process.

1.  Concept drawing preparation.
2.  Machine Development.
3.  Small range of Jig - Fixtures & part interchangeability.
4.  Interchangeability related jobs.

Clients For This Service

  • Arihant Engineers
  • Apollo Tyres Ltd.
  • LK India ( Schneider electric India ) etc...


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